Thursday, December 17, 2009


Anyway,so nothing has been posted on the running club in a long time. It's not that we haven't gone running in a long time (which I haven't), it's just that, you know life has been busy with more interesting things right now. In the past month Sage and Rosef have:

1. Found deformed gummy worms and Jelly Bellies. Ok, so this might not seem as impressive to anyone else, but how often do you find a gummy bear that is connected to 2 other gummy bears! I mean, is that not awesome!?

2. Talent show at my parents house. It was pretty amazing. We performed "Jenny" by flight of the conchords. It was a blast.

3. Ugly Sweater Party. There was a hot chocolate bar, and peppermint peeps. And we had some pretty ugly sweaters.

4. Random Picture of me in high school

5. MistleToga. Ok, so this picture looks kind of goofy, and i'm wearing a pink toga (i had to borrow one of Sage's blankets because I loaned my bedsheets to someone else...ew), but it was fun.

6. Random Picture of Sage in High school
7. Random picture from New York.
8.Institute Semi-Formal Dinner-Dance. It was Awesome.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I like puppies

Pertinent background info: Sage was being followed by a couple puppy-like suitors so, for her protection, Rosef opted to ask her to the upcoming institute date dance. This way, she could go with someone she'd be sure to have fun with. (By the way, this was before they started dating again... [what? they're dating again??? Uh, where have you been? jk] Moving on.)

Now try your hardest to reserve judgement but Rosef asked Sage to the dance over text... a text message people! I know, I know. But it was kinda cute:

"I know this is super lame over a text but... would you consider going to the formal with me? :)
A) yes, I'd love to
B) I like puppies
C) I... um... have something else that's really important that night
D) Pay me & I'll go
E) I hate all the formals in the whole world!
F) maybe (I'll consider it)."

Sage's response:
"G) create some elaborate scheme involving baked goods, puppies (real ones), balloons, music, and/or a jumbo-tron & I will consider it"

She did give a tentative "yes" though and then decided to just let Rosef off the hook for that other stuff... (college students are too busy to plan elaborate date requests)

However, Sage & Rosef went running the other night and what did they find???

The most adorable stray puppy EVER!!!

Rosef seized this opportunity to officially ask Sage to the upcoming dance thus complying with her demands. It was quite fortuitous for Rosef. And all was well again in the Running Club.

[Oh and if you're wondering what became of the puppy... turns out it actually belonged to a nearby biker. *sigh*]

Monday, October 19, 2009


Happy Birthday Rosef :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Laziness Ends (sort of) and the Danger Begins

So, Paige and I have officially decided to stop being bums, start being productive, and start running again.

Productive: We've been doing pretty well, I mean, we went running almost every day this week. Some of those days we even woke up early and ran in the morning.

But, you know, sometimes the laziness still kind of kicks in.

Lazy: Um, like the other day. Paige and I decided to go on a night run around the U of A campus. The run started off great, we had set a good pace and we were running pretty well, and then (about a mile into the run) the conversation turned to ice-cream...literally...meaning the running club members suddenly lost all desire to run and had the sudden urge to buy/eat crazy amounts of ice cream. We had a vote and ice-cream won 2-0.

And then the night started getting not just lazy, but crazy.

Dangerous: We ran back to my car, and drove to Safeway....and almost died on the way. Really, almost died. Paige drove my car is a manual...and it stalled...multiple the middle of the road.... and at stoplights....and cars almost slammed into us. And it was freaking scary.

Lazy: Anyway, we arrived at Safeway alive, and bought ice-cream and a Boston Cream Pie. And then decided to have a homework party at my apartment.

Productive: Homework Party ....

Lazy/Dangerous: During the lots-of-ice-cream-and-sugar-not-so-homework party, Noah, my roommate decided to make a jet engine in the kitchen using an old pickle jar, alcohol and a lighter. I mean, I’m a pyro, but holy cow! That's so cool! Paige-the-Pyro egged him on and the explosions kept getting bigger and bigger. Really though, it was pretty awesome, and it exploded.

Danger, bring it on.

Anyway, it was a random and fun (though i guess not so productive) run.


Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Ye slothful, idle, gluttonous members of the Running Club:

Quit spending so much time on homework/school/work & getting semi-adequate amounts of sleep each night and GO RUN!

...(just as soon as I'm not sick anymore)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wicked Cool 10k

So this past weekend i ran a 10k in Winslow. And I won. . . . . . . . . . . . .(ok, so there were only 2 other guys in the race both over the age of 40 and they definately looked like they could have lost major amounts of weight, but hey, it sounds better if I just said I ran a 10k and won).

I had a friend named Tayna and she won for the girls (see the above comment about the guys and replace "guys" with "girls").

For winning they gave us a piece of corn on the cob.

No joke

I think they gave one to every participant.

Winslow rocks.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Running is Fun...Sometimes

I went running hard this week for the first time since Niagra Falls. I have lots of really good excuses for the lack of running, like that my shoes smell bad and that my room is dirty,, so i really don't have any good excuses besides that it's freaking hot outside and to go running when it's not 97 degrees outside means that I have to run at 5:00 a.m ...... yuck. But hey, i'm working on it

The week of hard running started in Utah ( I was up there for my brother's wedding The 30 min run accidentally turned into a 65 min run when I got lost trying to get back to my sister-in-law's house (give me a break, it was the first time I had ever run up there before). Anyway, it was slightly embarrassing running by the same house 4 times. The guy mowing his lawn probably thought he was having deja vou (wait...vous?voo? vu? voux? dang french) when he saw this crazy kid in way too short shorts hauling by his house not once, but 4 freaking times.

Luckily I was covered in sweat and was talking to myself trying to find a street that didn't have a dead end. So, yeah, he probably didn't think I was crazy or anything.

Anyway, I'm still alive, and it was a fun run.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Niagra Falls and the Marathon

So, since about March, Sage and I had been planning to run a marathon. So we chose one in Canada. Anway, Long story short, we bought tickets, three other girls decided to come, and Sage didn't get her passport in time. So, she and another girl stayed on the US side of Niagra Falls, while 3 of us crossed the border to run a marathon.

So, Sage and Maren had fun doing things like:

Finding massive amounts of mattresses at the bottom of a hotel. Mattresses loaded with cats.

Going to niagra falls and getting soaked,

finding a buffalo with hotdogs painted all over the side. And a wing coming out of the back.

finding a clown with its face shoved in . . . .and a pink football shoved in his face.

And sitting and pouting in hotels waiting for us to get done running.

This whole time Rosef, Blessica, and . . . .(um, I don't think we ever came up witha name for Laura . . .) went running in the rain for 4 hours in Canada.

For the record, marathons=death.

I think Sage and Maren definately had more fun.

Anyway, the trip was a blast

And I want to run another marathon :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Guest Runners

The Running Club has been broken up for the summer [sad, I know] due to geographical reasons. But we'll just call it franchising! There are now TWO branches of the Running Club: the original Tucson, AZ club and the *new* Gilbert, AZ club.

Luckily, President Sage (of the Gilbert club) had business in Tucson recently and was able to meet up with President Rosef (of the Tucson club) to have a sweet, sweet reunion run.

You see, Sage was called to Tucson on the business of dog-sitting for her boss--two very active dogs which each needed to be taken on a 2-3 mile run twice a day for 4 days. Running club at your service!

Now I feel it important to note: the Running Club is not an exclusive organization. In fact, we proudly welcome runners of any age, sex, nationality, religious persuasion, and um... species.

Allow me to introduce you to our most recent guest runners:

Bean (above) & Otter (below)

We just love having guests in the Running Club! Although, I don't think we've ever had to worry about our past guest runners doing this:

But they were still lots of fun and Joseph was finally able to have a partner who could run as fast as him :)

If you're interested in joining or participating in the Running Club all you need to do is contact your local branch!

Hope to see you soon :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Facial Hair

So, Paige has this weird obsession with facial hair. Seriously. An obsession. I don't know what's wrong with her.

I can't stand facial hair (on me) because I can't grow hair on my face. My older brothers, they can grow hair. Me. . . not so much.

Anyway, few days ago, Paige convinced me to try and grow out my facial hair for a week. I thought it'd be fun to see what people thought. Honestly, I think Paige had more fun than I did.

For example:

Conversation with my little sister:

"Are you growing a mustache Joe?""--MC

"Maybe." --me


--very laughing--Paige

It was interesting how many people I ran into that I hadn't seen in a long time, and how many new people I met. If any of you are reading this and saw me with facial hair, just remember to blame Paige.

Anway, so, here's what I looked like after 4 days ( I had shaved everything but the almost-a-mustache) . You can see it . . . sort of, if you squint one eye a little. It's probably the bad lighting that it's hard to see, not the fact that my facial hair gene is almsot non-existent.

. . . . . I'm not really sure what Paige is doing in the background.

Anyway, after 4 days i gave up (thank you missionaries for calling me and asking if i could come teach with you . . . it was a great excuse).

But, I started wondering what I really would have looked like if I would have continued to grow my facial hair. Here are some possibilities.
I think I'll keep shaving.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Must be the endorphins

Ever wonder how Joseph--an amazingly speedy & talented & very in-shape runner--tolerates running with a lazy, sauntering, not-so-in-shape runner like myself?

Aside from his unfailing patience, I'll tell you his secret: on any given workout he probably runs twice as far as I do. Now you may ask, how is that possible, given that we go running together? Observe this map of a typical run:

I am the red lines, Joseph is the green. NO joke he runs zig-zags and circles around me while I struggle for life just to make it through our workout.

It kinda reminds me of Billy from the Family Circus:

[side note: I'm guessing that was not the original caption to this picture but it was the best one I could find to illustrate my point]

Sometimes when he has way too much energy I'll just point out a sign 100 feet away and say "sprint to that and back!" to let him to burn some of it off. So if I run 4 miles, chances are Joseph ran 7 or 8. This is why Joseph is gonna be ready for our marathon and I am not. Impressive much? Yeah, that's Joseph for ya :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Hand Painting

So a couple of days ago, Paige and I were going to go running. She came over to my apartment, sat down, and started laughing. Now, I’m used to girls looking at me and laughing, you know, nothing too new. But usually they do this after looking at my face. This time she was looking at my left hand.
Curious at this strange behavior, I looked down and saw this looking at me:

There was a face drawn on my hand! complete with eyebrows and eye color!
. . . . Ok, so I was really bored at work. And there are a lot of permanent markers at work. And did I mention I was bored? Anyway, yeah, once again I guess it was that dang 9-year-old cub scout coming out. Yeah, Paige laughed and made fun of me.

Funny thing, the next day in church, I look over at Paige and she’s drawing on her hand. Weird. And what was she drawing?
ps. Love the eyelashes