Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Joseph & I have had the experience of living with roommates who were dating each other... THREE times. (Oh and by that I mean his roommate was dating my roommate, not that we lived with people who were dating each other--awkward.) Anyways, our roommates from last year are now happily married and living in SLC; our roommates from this year... have given us much to discuss in the running club--even after Joseph moved to a new apartment. Well, talking about people is rude (dontcha know!) but seeking advice for friends? That's a very nice thing! It all started one day...

Paige: So, Joseph, I've got this friend named uh... Sage. And she has a roommate... named Shayla. And sometimes they don't get along. What should Sage do?
Joseph: Well, I think Sage should talk to her friend, um... Rosef about it because he can talk to Shayla's boyfriend... [Joe, did we ever come up with a code name for Ryan? I don't remember if we did] to see if everything is okay between Sage & Shayla.

Anywho, that's how it all started. Now we just use codenames for everyone. It's fun, you should try it

Tacia = Sasha (Side note to Colton F: this one couldn't be avoided--but we can change it to be spelled Sacia if you'd like)
Kenzi = Penzi/Renzi
Jessica = Blessica
etc. etc.

Yes yes I know, we're pretty clever. And now you're in on the secret too :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

There are lots of interesting things that happen in this world. For example, this morning after I went running, I hopped in the bathtub, turned on the water . . . and the shower head blasted off of the wall and into me. I yelled/screamed (this always helps in crazy situations) then tried to fix it by shoving the shower head back in place, . . .without turning the water off. Yeah, that didn’t turn out so well. But it was pretty cool.

And it was an interesting story.

Interesting is an interesting word. And Paige has brought to my attention that I use it more than any normal human being. It means pretty much everything, from awesome to weird to ugly, or as a way to introduce amazing intellectual insights (ie. it’s interesting that girls won’t date me after I show them my Pok√©mon collection).

Paige has even come up with a song that she sings every time I say it that goes something like “Da nah nah, da nah nah!” and I hear it quite a bit. But, the more Paige has hung out/ gone running with me, the more she has been using “interesting”(da nah nah) as a way to describe everything including:

1. Joe, your hair looks interesting (funky)
2. That was an interesting joke Joe (lame)
3. Want to hear something interesting? (freaking awesome)
4. Joe, you’re interesting (weird)
5. I want to do something interesting today (slightly crazy/non-boring)
6. This was an interesting movie(intriguing )
7. This was an interesting poem (dumb, boring and psychotic)
8. Life is interesting (incredible)
9. My roommates are interesting (all of the above definitions)

Now that’s interesting. . . .da nah nah

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Injury Report

When you run, you get hurt. When you hang out with Joseph, you also get hurt.

Current injuries:
Left big toe: broken; cause: unknown.
Left big toe: swollen; cause: biffing it on the sidewalk yesterday.
Left shin: bruised; cause: Joseph's karate moves.
Right ankle: smashed to smithereens; cause: he kicked it with his own left foot.
Ego: bruised; cause: being tripped by a girl :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More Than Just Runners (doughnuts and karate)

Lots of awesome things happen in the running club. We're not hard core runner's all the time, we are also intellectuals. Like the other day when we went running downtown. I discovered that you could throw freezing water at Paige in order to make her run faster. See, that's fun and educational. So, ok, actually Paige is the intellectual/genius, I am kind of the hunchbacked sidekick who messes everything up . . .and throws freezing water.

As I have stated earlier, Paige is a very intelligent person and is very fun to talk to. She tends to bring up very smart, deep, and relative topics as we cruise the backroads of Tucson. I tend to think of things like doughnuts, ants, and things that would be cool in a microwave (DVD's, matches, ants, very small rocks, etc). For the record, today while we were running, the topic really did turn to ants. Maybe this was because I realized that I had been sitting on an anthill and the little black bugs were beginning to say hello to me by crawilng up my shorts.

So, back to today's stats:

Time of run: 6:21pm

Ran to: Snake path --> Tucson Ave. --> 3rd Ave --> Institute --> through campus --> to Joseph's car --> to Carl's Jr. --> to Safeway --> doughnut section of Safeway (we both got a craving about 4.5 miles into the run) --> soda aisle

Distance: 6.3 miles (about another 2 to Safeway)

Calories burned: not as many as gained from the doughnuts

Interesting happenings:

-->I sat on an anthill.

--> While we were running down the road having an intelligent conversation, Paige biffed it pretty hard on the sidewalk . . . like, she sprawled out on all fours. This was actually probably some kind of divine punishment for a couple days ago, where she decided that she was going to start tripping me all the time. Seriously, we were walking out of the institute and she had this crazy look in her eye. I go to my apartment, she gets out of the car walks next to me and sideswipes me! No joke. Why did she do that? . . . (ok so I know why she did that, I was accidentally practicing my cool karate moves at the institute and slightly missed the air and kicked her shin, oops, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" ). We have sinced called a truce. partially because Paige could would definately win if we ever got in a fight.

Anyway, I gotta go finish my doughnut, and practicce my karate.


Monday, March 23, 2009

a day in the life of the running club

Ever wonder what it's like?

Actual text conversation from this morning:
Joseph (5:56am) "Paige! Are you up? -joe"
Paige (6:00am) "Yes... I'm cold"
Joseph (6:01am) [without sympathy] "haha :) gotta love the Tucson weather -joe"
Paige (6:02am) "No kidding. Did you get your homework done? Am I going over there or you coming over here?"
Joseph (6:05am) "Still working on it, but almost ready. Can you come over here? -joe"
Paige (6:06am) "Okay. give me a sec though... I'll be honest, I haven't gotten up yet :)"
Joseph (6:07am) "lol :) ok, I'll run over there -joe"
Paige (6:07am) "haha No no I'll be over in a bit"
[Paige procedes to fall back asleep and is awakened by Joseph clawing at her door 15 min later.]

Now the real life conversation:
Joe: [upon entering the apartment, taking a look at Paige's facial expression] Paige what time did you go to bed last night?!? You look... uh... ... ...
Paige: [holds up index finger without speaking, indicating 1am]
Joe: PAIGE! Why so late??
Paige: [still without speaking, uses index finger to point to her sleeping roommate, indicating that they stayed up late talking... as usual]
Joe: Really you look... um, pretty tired. Do you want to run later?
Paige: [confused, half-awake expression] Did you see my new socks? Look at the cookie sample I got in the mail yesterday... [still half-awake/bewildered]
[Joe & Paige walk out to the street to decide where to run for the day]
Joe: Really you don't look um... Do you want to go back to bed? We can go run later...
Paige: Is this a trick question? ...um ... yes. okay.
[Joe leaves to run a little on his own, Paige goes back to bed]

Back to text conversation:
Paige (6:27am) "Ahh the covers are still warm haha"
Joseph (6:52am) "lol :) have fun sleeping :) -joe"
Paige (10:55am) "Guess who just woke up...? :) [hand raises]"
Joseph (11:07am) "This is a really tough question [finger scratching head] but seeing as you are the only one with your hand raised, I'm guessing . . . you? -joe"
Joseph (5:07pm) "hey Paige! Are you coming over this time? :) -joe"
Paige (5:07pm) "Haha yeah :D I'll be over in a bit"

Today's stats
Time of run: 5:20pm
Ran to: Eastmoor park on the bikepath and back
Distance: 5 miles
Main topic of discussion: "Hell hath no furry like a woman scorned" As typical, we discuss past relationships, relationships in general, and the divisive differences between men & women.
Interesting happenings:
--> Joseph & I accidentally matched. Perfectly. White shirt w/ navy blue writing & navy blue Nike shorts. We looked pretty retarded. No offense Joseph.

--> Saw some hoodlum vandalizing a sign. He looked up as we ran by, and then went right back to tagging that sign.
--> On our way out to the park we ran by some disoriented homeless guy. He was probably about 6'5" (Joe says 7'2" at the very least) and SUPER messed up on drugs or acid or something. He tried to stop us and asked "... ... uhhhhhhhm... ... ... where's... that... the... uhhhh... uhhhhhh" and pointed kindof in the direction of downtown Tucson. So I just said "that's downtown Tucson. Bye!" and we ran off. It was a little scary. On our way back we passed him again. He was peeing on a wall. I'm not kidding, this guy was super DRUNK or way messed up on something. He lost his balance and kinda fell into the wall and just leaned there, doin' his business.

And there you have it. That is a pretty normal day for the Running Club. Except usually we actually do run in the morning. I was just really really really tired today for some reason...

Monday, March 16, 2009

The JK Theory

Being a Psychology major is pretty cool, until you tell people that's what you're studying--and then they stop wanting to talk to you out of fear that you are psychoanalyzing them. I swear I never am... at least no more than you would psychoanalyze me in any normal conversation. Got it?

Well sometimes you get the rare responses from people who aren't afraid/enjoy the possible opportunity to be psychoanalyzed. Maybe they've read a few articles, taken a class, gone to therapy. Whatever the case, they're not afraid of any Psych major, and they prove it by throwing some weird theory at you--like the theory of "just kidding"...

I don't think I was in the running club longer than a week before Joseph tried this one out on me. I remember long ago hearing once that "all truth is said in jest". Apparently Joseph heard the same thing & brought it up for discussion--how we sometimes will say something offhandedly--straight out of our subconscious maybe?--and that something may have come off a little too... unrefined... and then, upon realizing the mistake sputter out a baffled "heh heh [level 1 laughter] juuuust kidding!"

"Would you marry me already??" . . . . . . . . . . . . "Juuuuuuust kidding!"
[awkward situation: avoided]

Or was it? Now that Joseph & I have talked about this "JK theory" extensively and thought about all of the possible null situations we have concluded: it's correct probably 90% of the time--people use humor to disguise, for example, unpleasant "real life" feelings. This likely isn't news to anyone, but bringing that to your attention means you can NEVER tell a joke again without having your motives questioned and without pleading that it falls into the 10% category of actual kiddings. "I hate getting up so early to run every morning! Just kidding :) No, really, I am. I'm kidding! I love to run... when there is no sun... it's so much fun... Honest. I was kidding. Sheesh." Try to go through a normal conversation and see how many times you joke about something. Now imagine that the person you're talking to knows of the JK theory. They'll call you out on it and you'll have to stop, wonder if you're actually kidding--and if you are--then take the time to make a logical argument with factual support to convince the person that you are really and truly joking. It's no wonder the career outlook in my field is always showing positive growth.

The JK theory will forever ruin your jokes. It will ruin your life. And I hate it.

...just kidding :)

So who's the smartypants psychoanalyst now?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Poetry, Smoetry, oh-Noetry

Paige is a psychology major. I'm an English Major. Paige is very intelligent. I'm an English Major.
English is an awesome language. It really is. I really thought that, . . . that is until I started taking poetry classes. Poetry is weird. It's basically the way in which super nerds try to assert their authority and demonstrate their true intelligence by creating something so weird and different that no normal human being could ever really understand what the hek the poet is trying to get across.

Poets: 1

I am required to write poems for one of my classes. Most of the poems that people write for the class go about like this: the car fell on the dog, like a blanket. Cool right? Some sort of symbolcic reference to life right? wrong. It's just really bad poetry.


So, Paige and I started writing our own poetry. It started at late one night when I texted her.
It went like this:
me--"Hey, tomorrow morning want to have fun and go run?"
paige--"Yes, at about six-oh-one"
me--"There won't be any sun."
paige--"Should I run with a gun?"
me--"Is this a pun?'"
paige--"my hair will be in a bun."

about this time both of us have run out of words that rhyme with "un" and there is a longer and longer space of time in between each text.

me--"ok, but an elephant weighs a ton."
paige--"From the running club, Kenzi we will shun."

Paige usually wins these poetry battles. Most end with me doing things like, "um . . . zun?"


But see, THAT is awesome poetry. And i'm sure there's some kind of symbolic meaning of life in there! Why don't we study this kind of stuff in my class? no idea. Maybe real poets just don't appreciate talent.

Ok, so honestly poetry isn't too bad, the class is actually pretty fun.
It's just really sad.
And it makes me mad.
But running is pretty rad.

(take that psychologists)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The History of the Running Club

joe---Paige & I have been running every morning for the past 4 months. Wait... 5 months. No, 4 months. I have been running for 5 months. Paige joined four months ago. It kind of started because a cute girl had asked me if I wanted to go running in the morning, I was like, "Hek Yeah!" (note: cute girl i'm refering to was not Paige) So for a few weeks, I would wake up every morning, run over to the girl's house (i'm not a creeper) and wake her up (I'm serious, really, i'm not a creeper) and go running. A few weeks into this, she dropped out, interestingly enough this was about the same time i asked her out on a date, and the same time she re-got a boyfriend. . . is re-got even a word?

paige---no. it's not. Luckily I overheard about the running club one evening as Joseph--in true ward mission leader diligence--asked Kenzi if she would commit to go running the next day. I think I just kindof invited myself to join. I was nervous about intruding... but as was implied earlier, I think Kenzi liked the idea of having extra "company" in the club.

joe--- no. she didn't. Anyway, this is when the REAL creepiness began. Every morning, Paige and I would run over to Kenzi's, text her, call her on the phone, knock on her door, pry the screen off the window and see if we could fit through ( ok, that last one only happened once, give me a break . . .and it was Paige's idea) Needless to say, Kenzi started "staying up late doing homework" and couldn't run in the mornings anymore. Weird.

paige---basically our beloved RS president went inactive from the runing club. Then she wouldn't respond to our fellowshipping efforts... so she was excommunicated. Sorry Kenz.
Okay back to the relevant history of the running club:

joe---so, over the past few months, what started as training for the Ragnar Relay eventually turned into a pretty good/freaking awesome friendship. . . .and since Paige likes to blog, I like to write . . . we did what every other, um, . . .duo? does: we decided to start an amazing blog in an attempt to explain the many awesome things that happen while we run every morning.

paige---these are our stories...