Monday, March 23, 2009

a day in the life of the running club

Ever wonder what it's like?

Actual text conversation from this morning:
Joseph (5:56am) "Paige! Are you up? -joe"
Paige (6:00am) "Yes... I'm cold"
Joseph (6:01am) [without sympathy] "haha :) gotta love the Tucson weather -joe"
Paige (6:02am) "No kidding. Did you get your homework done? Am I going over there or you coming over here?"
Joseph (6:05am) "Still working on it, but almost ready. Can you come over here? -joe"
Paige (6:06am) "Okay. give me a sec though... I'll be honest, I haven't gotten up yet :)"
Joseph (6:07am) "lol :) ok, I'll run over there -joe"
Paige (6:07am) "haha No no I'll be over in a bit"
[Paige procedes to fall back asleep and is awakened by Joseph clawing at her door 15 min later.]

Now the real life conversation:
Joe: [upon entering the apartment, taking a look at Paige's facial expression] Paige what time did you go to bed last night?!? You look... uh... ... ...
Paige: [holds up index finger without speaking, indicating 1am]
Joe: PAIGE! Why so late??
Paige: [still without speaking, uses index finger to point to her sleeping roommate, indicating that they stayed up late talking... as usual]
Joe: Really you look... um, pretty tired. Do you want to run later?
Paige: [confused, half-awake expression] Did you see my new socks? Look at the cookie sample I got in the mail yesterday... [still half-awake/bewildered]
[Joe & Paige walk out to the street to decide where to run for the day]
Joe: Really you don't look um... Do you want to go back to bed? We can go run later...
Paige: Is this a trick question? ... yes. okay.
[Joe leaves to run a little on his own, Paige goes back to bed]

Back to text conversation:
Paige (6:27am) "Ahh the covers are still warm haha"
Joseph (6:52am) "lol :) have fun sleeping :) -joe"
Paige (10:55am) "Guess who just woke up...? :) [hand raises]"
Joseph (11:07am) "This is a really tough question [finger scratching head] but seeing as you are the only one with your hand raised, I'm guessing . . . you? -joe"
Joseph (5:07pm) "hey Paige! Are you coming over this time? :) -joe"
Paige (5:07pm) "Haha yeah :D I'll be over in a bit"

Today's stats
Time of run: 5:20pm
Ran to: Eastmoor park on the bikepath and back
Distance: 5 miles
Main topic of discussion: "Hell hath no furry like a woman scorned" As typical, we discuss past relationships, relationships in general, and the divisive differences between men & women.
Interesting happenings:
--> Joseph & I accidentally matched. Perfectly. White shirt w/ navy blue writing & navy blue Nike shorts. We looked pretty retarded. No offense Joseph.

--> Saw some hoodlum vandalizing a sign. He looked up as we ran by, and then went right back to tagging that sign.
--> On our way out to the park we ran by some disoriented homeless guy. He was probably about 6'5" (Joe says 7'2" at the very least) and SUPER messed up on drugs or acid or something. He tried to stop us and asked "... ... uhhhhhhhm... ... ... where's... that... the... uhhhh... uhhhhhh" and pointed kindof in the direction of downtown Tucson. So I just said "that's downtown Tucson. Bye!" and we ran off. It was a little scary. On our way back we passed him again. He was peeing on a wall. I'm not kidding, this guy was super DRUNK or way messed up on something. He lost his balance and kinda fell into the wall and just leaned there, doin' his business.

And there you have it. That is a pretty normal day for the Running Club. Except usually we actually do run in the morning. I was just really really really tired today for some reason...


janae said...

This is one of my favorite posts yet. It was so much fun to read your conversations! :)

Nathan and Aubrey said...

Was that the free Betty Crocker Delights sample? Also, you gotta at least "pretend" to pull out the phone and call the cops on the tagger! Who tags at 6am?!?!?!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

oh this post totally cracked me up!!! I laughed out loud at the mental image of two runners in matchy matchy outfits....and the homeless guy falling against the wall while peeing.....GREAT visual--haha!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

oooo busted Aubrey. Reading Comprehension 101--they didn't run in the a.m. =)

see Paige, now you know I really love you because I hang on every word. =)

Paige said...

Nice one Monica ;) hahah

but who's to say I shouldn't guage which sister loves me more by who comments more promply after new posts...? juuust kidding :)