Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Joseph & I have had the experience of living with roommates who were dating each other... THREE times. (Oh and by that I mean his roommate was dating my roommate, not that we lived with people who were dating each other--awkward.) Anyways, our roommates from last year are now happily married and living in SLC; our roommates from this year... have given us much to discuss in the running club--even after Joseph moved to a new apartment. Well, talking about people is rude (dontcha know!) but seeking advice for friends? That's a very nice thing! It all started one day...

Paige: So, Joseph, I've got this friend named uh... Sage. And she has a roommate... named Shayla. And sometimes they don't get along. What should Sage do?
Joseph: Well, I think Sage should talk to her friend, um... Rosef about it because he can talk to Shayla's boyfriend... [Joe, did we ever come up with a code name for Ryan? I don't remember if we did] to see if everything is okay between Sage & Shayla.

Anywho, that's how it all started. Now we just use codenames for everyone. It's fun, you should try it

Tacia = Sasha (Side note to Colton F: this one couldn't be avoided--but we can change it to be spelled Sacia if you'd like)
Kenzi = Penzi/Renzi
Jessica = Blessica
etc. etc.

Yes yes I know, we're pretty clever. And now you're in on the secret too :)


janae said...

Okay, your title ('The Running Club: The Amazing Aventures of Sage and Rosef' ... and yes, aDventures is misspelled up there) makes so much more sense now!! That is really funny. I wish I had thought of it back when I had roommates. Very tricky.

ps. I love that you are tall. I liked you before (because you were funny) but now I really like you. In a platonic sense, of course. :)

Nathan and Aubrey said...

So YOU'RE Sage. I get it. Also, why is there only a picture of Rosef at the top of the blog? I want some Sage action.

Joe said...

haha, I never noticed the mis-spelling. I must have grown up in Winslow or Peeples, . . . (i was going to go off on this, but Paige told me I should never make fun of Peeples Valley on this blog because her family might hunt me down, but seriously . . . Peeples?).


Paige said...

We're leaving the picture of Rosef up for now because... she's so hot! ;)

Joe said...

good joke Paige. Explanation: this girl named Tracy looked at the blog, saw the picture (and thought it was Paige for some weird reason) and yelled out-loud what Paige just wrote.

For the record, the correct pronoun should be "he".


Carca said...

HaHa This Sage girl sounds like a real trial to life with:)

TexasTwinsTwice said...

So do your roommates read this blog? I hope not, or your covers are blown Sage & Rosef.

The header picture looks like a still photo from the original Superman (you know where he goes so fast in reverse that he turns back time on the planet). Oh, spoiler alert....you probably haven't seen that one yet since you weren't even BORN. =)

Cha said...

It took me a few minutes, but I did figure out the Sage and Rosef code the first time I read your blog (I was briefly confused thinking I had ended up at the wrong blog; if the "Contributors" section had said "Rosef" and "Sage", I would have remained confused and lost).