Monday, March 16, 2009

The JK Theory

Being a Psychology major is pretty cool, until you tell people that's what you're studying--and then they stop wanting to talk to you out of fear that you are psychoanalyzing them. I swear I never am... at least no more than you would psychoanalyze me in any normal conversation. Got it?

Well sometimes you get the rare responses from people who aren't afraid/enjoy the possible opportunity to be psychoanalyzed. Maybe they've read a few articles, taken a class, gone to therapy. Whatever the case, they're not afraid of any Psych major, and they prove it by throwing some weird theory at you--like the theory of "just kidding"...

I don't think I was in the running club longer than a week before Joseph tried this one out on me. I remember long ago hearing once that "all truth is said in jest". Apparently Joseph heard the same thing & brought it up for discussion--how we sometimes will say something offhandedly--straight out of our subconscious maybe?--and that something may have come off a little too... unrefined... and then, upon realizing the mistake sputter out a baffled "heh heh [level 1 laughter] juuuust kidding!"

"Would you marry me already??" . . . . . . . . . . . . "Juuuuuuust kidding!"
[awkward situation: avoided]

Or was it? Now that Joseph & I have talked about this "JK theory" extensively and thought about all of the possible null situations we have concluded: it's correct probably 90% of the time--people use humor to disguise, for example, unpleasant "real life" feelings. This likely isn't news to anyone, but bringing that to your attention means you can NEVER tell a joke again without having your motives questioned and without pleading that it falls into the 10% category of actual kiddings. "I hate getting up so early to run every morning! Just kidding :) No, really, I am. I'm kidding! I love to run... when there is no sun... it's so much fun... Honest. I was kidding. Sheesh." Try to go through a normal conversation and see how many times you joke about something. Now imagine that the person you're talking to knows of the JK theory. They'll call you out on it and you'll have to stop, wonder if you're actually kidding--and if you are--then take the time to make a logical argument with factual support to convince the person that you are really and truly joking. It's no wonder the career outlook in my field is always showing positive growth.

The JK theory will forever ruin your jokes. It will ruin your life. And I hate it.

...just kidding :)

So who's the smartypants psychoanalyst now?

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janae said...

I think Joseph is the king of 'just kidding.' Just sitting here I'm trying to think of who I know that tells a lot of jokes ... well, not Sam and I. Paul is funny, but he doesn't generally joke. He is more the dramatic/sarcastic/cynical type of joker. Joe, on the other hand, is your JK Theory in action. I'm really glad you are a psych major, Paige, and analyzed him early on so that you know when to ding him. ;)

ps. the question is, Joe - are you reading this going "what the heck is she talking about??" Don't you love when third party people psychoanalyze you and get it ALL WRONG??