Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More Than Just Runners (doughnuts and karate)

Lots of awesome things happen in the running club. We're not hard core runner's all the time, we are also intellectuals. Like the other day when we went running downtown. I discovered that you could throw freezing water at Paige in order to make her run faster. See, that's fun and educational. So, ok, actually Paige is the intellectual/genius, I am kind of the hunchbacked sidekick who messes everything up . . .and throws freezing water.

As I have stated earlier, Paige is a very intelligent person and is very fun to talk to. She tends to bring up very smart, deep, and relative topics as we cruise the backroads of Tucson. I tend to think of things like doughnuts, ants, and things that would be cool in a microwave (DVD's, matches, ants, very small rocks, etc). For the record, today while we were running, the topic really did turn to ants. Maybe this was because I realized that I had been sitting on an anthill and the little black bugs were beginning to say hello to me by crawilng up my shorts.

So, back to today's stats:

Time of run: 6:21pm

Ran to: Snake path --> Tucson Ave. --> 3rd Ave --> Institute --> through campus --> to Joseph's car --> to Carl's Jr. --> to Safeway --> doughnut section of Safeway (we both got a craving about 4.5 miles into the run) --> soda aisle

Distance: 6.3 miles (about another 2 to Safeway)

Calories burned: not as many as gained from the doughnuts

Interesting happenings:

-->I sat on an anthill.

--> While we were running down the road having an intelligent conversation, Paige biffed it pretty hard on the sidewalk . . . like, she sprawled out on all fours. This was actually probably some kind of divine punishment for a couple days ago, where she decided that she was going to start tripping me all the time. Seriously, we were walking out of the institute and she had this crazy look in her eye. I go to my apartment, she gets out of the car walks next to me and sideswipes me! No joke. Why did she do that? . . . (ok so I know why she did that, I was accidentally practicing my cool karate moves at the institute and slightly missed the air and kicked her shin, oops, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" ). We have sinced called a truce. partially because Paige could would definately win if we ever got in a fight.

Anyway, I gotta go finish my doughnut, and practicce my karate.



janae said...

Hey Joe - I like this Paige girl! :)

Paige said...

I feel it is important to note that the whole reason for buying the sodas was to use our medals from Ragnar--which happen to be fully-functional bottle openers :)

TexasTwinsTwice said...

doughnuts, soda & running. You've got a unique club going there. =)