Sunday, March 15, 2009

Poetry, Smoetry, oh-Noetry

Paige is a psychology major. I'm an English Major. Paige is very intelligent. I'm an English Major.
English is an awesome language. It really is. I really thought that, . . . that is until I started taking poetry classes. Poetry is weird. It's basically the way in which super nerds try to assert their authority and demonstrate their true intelligence by creating something so weird and different that no normal human being could ever really understand what the hek the poet is trying to get across.

Poets: 1

I am required to write poems for one of my classes. Most of the poems that people write for the class go about like this: the car fell on the dog, like a blanket. Cool right? Some sort of symbolcic reference to life right? wrong. It's just really bad poetry.


So, Paige and I started writing our own poetry. It started at late one night when I texted her.
It went like this:
me--"Hey, tomorrow morning want to have fun and go run?"
paige--"Yes, at about six-oh-one"
me--"There won't be any sun."
paige--"Should I run with a gun?"
me--"Is this a pun?'"
paige--"my hair will be in a bun."

about this time both of us have run out of words that rhyme with "un" and there is a longer and longer space of time in between each text.

me--"ok, but an elephant weighs a ton."
paige--"From the running club, Kenzi we will shun."

Paige usually wins these poetry battles. Most end with me doing things like, "um . . . zun?"


But see, THAT is awesome poetry. And i'm sure there's some kind of symbolic meaning of life in there! Why don't we study this kind of stuff in my class? no idea. Maybe real poets just don't appreciate talent.

Ok, so honestly poetry isn't too bad, the class is actually pretty fun.
It's just really sad.
And it makes me mad.
But running is pretty rad.

(take that psychologists)


Sam said...

Guys, this is a really funny blog! Keep it coming.

janae said...

Your poetry is pretty bad. (bad=cool)
It'll probably start a fad.
Can you write some about your pad?
And your dad.

You guys really are funny. And poetry is pretty crazy. Sometimes wonderful. But mostly crazy. :)