Friday, March 27, 2009

There are lots of interesting things that happen in this world. For example, this morning after I went running, I hopped in the bathtub, turned on the water . . . and the shower head blasted off of the wall and into me. I yelled/screamed (this always helps in crazy situations) then tried to fix it by shoving the shower head back in place, . . .without turning the water off. Yeah, that didn’t turn out so well. But it was pretty cool.

And it was an interesting story.

Interesting is an interesting word. And Paige has brought to my attention that I use it more than any normal human being. It means pretty much everything, from awesome to weird to ugly, or as a way to introduce amazing intellectual insights (ie. it’s interesting that girls won’t date me after I show them my Pok√©mon collection).

Paige has even come up with a song that she sings every time I say it that goes something like “Da nah nah, da nah nah!” and I hear it quite a bit. But, the more Paige has hung out/ gone running with me, the more she has been using “interesting”(da nah nah) as a way to describe everything including:

1. Joe, your hair looks interesting (funky)
2. That was an interesting joke Joe (lame)
3. Want to hear something interesting? (freaking awesome)
4. Joe, you’re interesting (weird)
5. I want to do something interesting today (slightly crazy/non-boring)
6. This was an interesting movie(intriguing )
7. This was an interesting poem (dumb, boring and psychotic)
8. Life is interesting (incredible)
9. My roommates are interesting (all of the above definitions)

Now that’s interesting. . . .da nah nah


janae said...

I nearly squirted chocolate milk out of my nose when you mentioned the Pokemon collection, I laughed so hard! I really have to stop eating/drinking when I read your posts. They are so funny that they cause food/beverages to go in/come out of all the wrong places!

Paige said...

Such an interesting post... da nuh nuh! da nuh nuh! :)

TexasTwinsTwice said...

I find this whole blog a good way. you guys are funny!

i need to put it on my reader so i know when you have new posts. =)

The Gavin Parents said...

Yeah, I gotta put it on my reader too. Sounds like "interesting" usually has a negative connotation...