Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I lieu of running this WEEK

Last week I got a nasty sinus infection that put the kibosh on our training for a few days--me because I couldn't breathe, Joseph because... what was it again? Moral support? Oh and homework. So running couldn't happen, but that didn't mean Rosef & Sage stopped having adventures. There's always some fun to be had by us somewhere:

Like petting a forbidden art pony

or seeing an Andy Warhol "original" Marilyn Monroe
(you tell me how "original" it is to see 1 of about 10,000 of the same silk-screened image )

Getting a new nickname :)

Playing with a random wheelchair found in the ladies restroom

Growing a blond unibrow

who knew eating spinach would be such an adventure...?

Trying to take a picture of me at work

Joseph was murdered by Sasha's panda collection

Found a random swing hanging in a tree on campus

So much adventure... Sinus infections = great fun!


Nathan and Aubrey said...

So............was Joseph (uh, I mean Rosef) in the ladies room with you? Is that how he was able to take the pic of you in the wheelchair? Ü

Paige said...

hahaha um, no.

I took it out to the hallway (note the giant television behind me)

TexasTwinsTwice said...

haha-I thought THE SAME thing as Aubrey!! Looks like a fun time! All the picks cracked me up, but the pony one made me laugh 1st (perhaps the order??). The fact that someone took the time to make a sign ASKING people not to 'pet' the pony.....it's just like an invitation really.

TexasTwinsTwice said...

Oh, and glad Joseph Gross had fun too. ;-)

janae said...

Wow, sinus infections have never been so fun! Looking at these pictures really makes me wish that I had taken more pictures of my 'adventurous' single days ... and that you (Paige) would take me shopping so that I can wear cute clothes too. :)

Joe said...

I love how i have a creepy smile in almost every single picture. Thanks Paige :)

larissa said...

first off, I LOVE the 42 shirt you were wearing. Best concert EVER!!!
second, the teeth looked straight from Peeple's vally.

third you are awesome