Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tonight while we were running...

I got hit by a car.

It was an orange Scion. Joseph just got clipped by the front bumper. I was up on the hood.

The driver said he was sorry.

Luckily he was moving a whopping 0.1 mph. We're ok :)


Nathan and Aubrey said...

One call, that's all!

(Do you have those same commercials for slimy attorneys in AZ? If not, my joke makes no sense).

janae said...

Oh, wow. When you called this blog your 'amazing adventures' you weren't kidding! Crazy things really do happen to you guys!

ps. so glad you didn't have to be put in time out or get dropped kicked for not going running. Instead you went and got hit by a car!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

WOWZERS!!! My heart almost stopped thinking you'd been hit--glad it wasn't serious.

Then again, it would have to NOT be serious for you to already blog about it right? =) Glad you're not in a full body cast. That would make it really hard to run.

The Gavin Parents said...

OH MY GOODNESS! Can my heart take reading this blog? I haven't been following it enough; now I'm scared to....Glad you're fine.