Friday, June 5, 2009

Guest Runners

The Running Club has been broken up for the summer [sad, I know] due to geographical reasons. But we'll just call it franchising! There are now TWO branches of the Running Club: the original Tucson, AZ club and the *new* Gilbert, AZ club.

Luckily, President Sage (of the Gilbert club) had business in Tucson recently and was able to meet up with President Rosef (of the Tucson club) to have a sweet, sweet reunion run.

You see, Sage was called to Tucson on the business of dog-sitting for her boss--two very active dogs which each needed to be taken on a 2-3 mile run twice a day for 4 days. Running club at your service!

Now I feel it important to note: the Running Club is not an exclusive organization. In fact, we proudly welcome runners of any age, sex, nationality, religious persuasion, and um... species.

Allow me to introduce you to our most recent guest runners:

Bean (above) & Otter (below)

We just love having guests in the Running Club! Although, I don't think we've ever had to worry about our past guest runners doing this:

But they were still lots of fun and Joseph was finally able to have a partner who could run as fast as him :)

If you're interested in joining or participating in the Running Club all you need to do is contact your local branch!

Hope to see you soon :)