Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Niagra Falls and the Marathon

So, since about March, Sage and I had been planning to run a marathon. So we chose one in Canada. Anway, Long story short, we bought tickets, three other girls decided to come, and Sage didn't get her passport in time. So, she and another girl stayed on the US side of Niagra Falls, while 3 of us crossed the border to run a marathon.

So, Sage and Maren had fun doing things like:

Finding massive amounts of mattresses at the bottom of a hotel. Mattresses loaded with cats.

Going to niagra falls and getting soaked,

finding a buffalo with hotdogs painted all over the side. And a wing coming out of the back.

finding a clown with its face shoved in . . . .and a pink football shoved in his face.

And sitting and pouting in hotels waiting for us to get done running.

This whole time Rosef, Blessica, and . . . .(um, I don't think we ever came up witha name for Laura . . .) went running in the rain for 4 hours in Canada.

For the record, marathons=death.

I think Sage and Maren definately had more fun.

Anyway, the trip was a blast

And I want to run another marathon :)


Nathan and Aubrey said...

That last picture looks like the recruiting poster for a new Canadian Polygamy sect.

Joe said...

hahahaha to aubrey's comment! you should have seen the looks on people's faces when I told them I was going to New York with 4 girls.

Paige said...

I think Laura can be ROARA. Her hair is like a beautiful lion's mane :)

janae said...

You went on a road trip with FOUR GIRLS?! Joe, you da man. In a gross polygamist sort of way, but still. Holy cow.