Monday, October 19, 2009


Happy Birthday Rosef :)


janae said...

Dude, that 'stache picture is sick. Not sick in the cool way - sick in the gross way. ;) The mud one ROCKS. Love that river. Not that we haven't already said it, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY from us too!!

ps. Paige, you look like a babe in the second to the last pic.

Aubrey said...

What?!? He's just now turning 18? haha, happy birthday jo-ro.

P.S. I too enlarged the second to last pic (before reading Janae's comment) because you do look so babealicious in it.

Joe said...

haha! wow, maybe someday i'll take a normal picture, hey, it could happen. The Jackrabbit-Sombrero hat one's definately the best :) you're amazing Paige

ps. I agree with the above comments. Side note: i like how kayla looks like a crazy evil person and Greg looks like an alien