Friday, October 16, 2009

The Laziness Ends (sort of) and the Danger Begins

So, Paige and I have officially decided to stop being bums, start being productive, and start running again.

Productive: We've been doing pretty well, I mean, we went running almost every day this week. Some of those days we even woke up early and ran in the morning.

But, you know, sometimes the laziness still kind of kicks in.

Lazy: Um, like the other day. Paige and I decided to go on a night run around the U of A campus. The run started off great, we had set a good pace and we were running pretty well, and then (about a mile into the run) the conversation turned to ice-cream...literally...meaning the running club members suddenly lost all desire to run and had the sudden urge to buy/eat crazy amounts of ice cream. We had a vote and ice-cream won 2-0.

And then the night started getting not just lazy, but crazy.

Dangerous: We ran back to my car, and drove to Safeway....and almost died on the way. Really, almost died. Paige drove my car is a manual...and it stalled...multiple the middle of the road.... and at stoplights....and cars almost slammed into us. And it was freaking scary.

Lazy: Anyway, we arrived at Safeway alive, and bought ice-cream and a Boston Cream Pie. And then decided to have a homework party at my apartment.

Productive: Homework Party ....

Lazy/Dangerous: During the lots-of-ice-cream-and-sugar-not-so-homework party, Noah, my roommate decided to make a jet engine in the kitchen using an old pickle jar, alcohol and a lighter. I mean, I’m a pyro, but holy cow! That's so cool! Paige-the-Pyro egged him on and the explosions kept getting bigger and bigger. Really though, it was pretty awesome, and it exploded.

Danger, bring it on.

Anyway, it was a random and fun (though i guess not so productive) run.



Paige said...

Wow I didn't realize how random that night was until you put it all down on here.

I really like these categories. I think I could easily use them to classify 95% of my life thus far: lazy/dangerous/productive

Aubrey said...

We ARE sisters! Nathan still harasses me about not being able to drive stick and mom says I'm handicapped (which may or may not be PC Ü).

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As in, "I blessess this post with my comments."

janae said...

I don't get the pyro thing at all, but I DEFINITELY get the 'quit running to go get ice cream' thing! That's right up my alley! :)

ps. I taught Sam to drive a stick, in case you were wondering. Yeah, I rock like that.