Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I like puppies

Pertinent background info: Sage was being followed by a couple puppy-like suitors so, for her protection, Rosef opted to ask her to the upcoming institute date dance. This way, she could go with someone she'd be sure to have fun with. (By the way, this was before they started dating again... [what? they're dating again??? Uh, where have you been? jk] Moving on.)

Now try your hardest to reserve judgement but Rosef asked Sage to the dance over text... a text message people! I know, I know. But it was kinda cute:

"I know this is super lame over a text but... would you consider going to the formal with me? :)
A) yes, I'd love to
B) I like puppies
C) I... um... have something else that's really important that night
D) Pay me & I'll go
E) I hate all the formals in the whole world!
F) maybe (I'll consider it)."

Sage's response:
"G) create some elaborate scheme involving baked goods, puppies (real ones), balloons, music, and/or a jumbo-tron & I will consider it"

She did give a tentative "yes" though and then decided to just let Rosef off the hook for that other stuff... (college students are too busy to plan elaborate date requests)

However, Sage & Rosef went running the other night and what did they find???

The most adorable stray puppy EVER!!!

Rosef seized this opportunity to officially ask Sage to the upcoming dance thus complying with her demands. It was quite fortuitous for Rosef. And all was well again in the Running Club.

[Oh and if you're wondering what became of the puppy... turns out it actually belonged to a nearby biker. *sigh*]