Thursday, December 17, 2009


Anyway,so nothing has been posted on the running club in a long time. It's not that we haven't gone running in a long time (which I haven't), it's just that, you know life has been busy with more interesting things right now. In the past month Sage and Rosef have:

1. Found deformed gummy worms and Jelly Bellies. Ok, so this might not seem as impressive to anyone else, but how often do you find a gummy bear that is connected to 2 other gummy bears! I mean, is that not awesome!?

2. Talent show at my parents house. It was pretty amazing. We performed "Jenny" by flight of the conchords. It was a blast.

3. Ugly Sweater Party. There was a hot chocolate bar, and peppermint peeps. And we had some pretty ugly sweaters.

4. Random Picture of me in high school

5. MistleToga. Ok, so this picture looks kind of goofy, and i'm wearing a pink toga (i had to borrow one of Sage's blankets because I loaned my bedsheets to someone else...ew), but it was fun.

6. Random Picture of Sage in High school
7. Random picture from New York.
8.Institute Semi-Formal Dinner-Dance. It was Awesome.


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j@nAe said...

I *love* that picture in NYC. The background is beautiful and you both looks so good! (Paige - you're lucky he can hold you. Some peoples significant others can't do that. Not naming any names here, but think S. Ricks ... No, Sam R.)