Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lexical Ambiguity

[the title of this post is a throw-back from my unfortunate & regretful expertise in linguistics]

I finally started running again--for reals--to get into shape for Ragnar this year. I was hanging out with Joseph and commenting that my legs were starting to get really hard... He thought I was talking about the difficulty of my legs for the race (I'm runner 12 this year) but I was actually talking about the fact that my legs are just physically more toned now.

Later that night we were running and I started complaining that one of my legs was 7.1 and the other was 7.9 ...and since my right leg is significantly shorter than my left (learned that through X-rays my sophomore year of HS) he thought I was being literal.

I was referring to my legs for Ragnar.