Tuesday, March 16, 2010


It's really annoying when you're out running and sweating to death and breathing so hard you might pass out and some teenage boys think it's funny to drive by and honk/shout vulgar things at you. (What kinds of people keep air horns in their cars anyway??)

When this happened to me while I was running today (it hardly ever happens in Tucson--just Phoenix, which is odd) it got me thinking about a couple of the only times I was ever "cat-called" running in Tucson:

One of the first times I ever went running with Joseph, we went through downtown Tucson. We ran by some guy on the sidewalk and he shouted "lookin' good ladies!" ...Joseph was not appreciative.

Another time I went running on my own. I was almost home from a run and picking up the pace a bit when I hear some guy from across the street yell "Ow! Owww!" I usually just ignore it when guys behave that way but that day I decided to prepare my best look of disgust and just as I turned to send it his way I noticed he had only been trying to get out of his car... whilst managing a massive cast on his broken leg. So really it was intended to be more of an "ouch ouch" instead of an "ow ow". Yeah, I felt dumb.


Aubrey said...

Oh my goodness....that is too funny. I will say, Monica and I just catcalled someone yesterday on our way to meet you for dress shopping. But in our defense they were riding down the middle of the road on a bicycle. Don't act all pious like you've never let loose with a 'chicken legs!' now and again :)

Joe said...

I never get cat called unless paige is with me :)

j@nAe said...

That ending was completely unexpected! Ha, ha! I'm dying. That was hilarious! I've never been catcalled in the US, but in South America I've gotten some great ones. My favorite with with a friend and they yelled out some "Hey hottie!" thing and when I (inadvertently) looked, they shouted, "Not you, Fatty!" Ouch. :)