Saturday, July 31, 2010

Joseph the big red husband

Joseph works at the UofA Bookstore (if you didn't know) and a few saturdays back he had a pretty cool opportunity. Every so often they have book readings for the kids in the community and then they get to meet the character they read about. The usual guy who dresses up for the characters was on vacation so Joseph got to fill in.

It's put on by Arizona Public Media (PBS/NPR/etc.) so they had free merchandise for the kiddies. I gave myself a sweet teletubbies tat while we were waiting.

(oh and a free red balloon tied around my wrist)

The time arrived for Clifford to come! He did a little dance:

They had over 150 kids show up!

About 85% of the kids were just like "yeah yeah whatever".

About 10% were completely and utterly thrilled beyond excitement.

The last 5% looked like this:

Screaming... crying... begging their parents not to make them go...

kinda hilarous.

I was part of the "utterly thrilled beyond excitement" crowd ;)