Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cheez-its=Awesome's been about a year and a half since I've done a blog post. It's interesting, that's also about the time I started dating Paige. Probably some sort of correlation there. Maybe. Anyway, I thought I'd make a list of awesome things that have happened in the lives the of the members of The Running Club since the last time I posted (besides the awesomeness of getting married). Here we go:

10. We bought Cheez-its. I know. Intense.

9. We got a mouse at a White Elephant exchange in December and named him Ramesses. I want to change his name to Two Face due to the fact that he's scratched off half of his face. Paige thinks he has OCD. I think he's just got a really small brain. I thought that he would have died by now. I mean, we killed a cactus in the first month of our marriage.

8. Ramesses is still alive

7. I woke up at 1:30am the other night to Paige ripping the blankets of the bed and grabbing at me feet yelling "I have to get the twigs out of the bed! Now!" I sat up and looked at Paige who was frantically pulling at my leg hair. I asked her "Paige, are you asleep?" to which she answered "No." She then very calmly laid down and was out. This would have freaked me out if a couple of weeks before she hadn't shaken me awake about 1:30am yelling "Get the Magnets Joseph! I need the magnets!"

6. We went shooting with Some friends out in the boonies of Tucson. And we've been shooting before as you can tell in these awesome pictures:

Yeah, we look legit. But, I had no idea we would be shooting this many guns:

5. So, as I was searching through some old pictures on my phone, I found some pictures of cookies that we made over at a friends house around Christmas time. These ones were Paige's

These were mine:

Yes. That's a T-Rex eating a Stegasaurus. And it's amazing.

4. I saw this van driving through campus the other day:

I was kind of hoping that it would happen BEFORE finals. Dang it.

3. I saw this car at the Institute Parking lot:

2. We got teeth work done:

1. I got to dress up as Corduroy for a huge Book Festival they had in Tucson. It was a blast.

Anyway, life is good.


Aubrey said...

The end of the world is almost here?!?! Make sure you finish your box of Cheez-Its before 5/21/11.

P.S. The Bible guarantees it!

Paige said...

mmmmm snuggly husband. my favorite. :)

Oh and sorry about pulling your leg hairs in my sleep... kindof

Colton said...

Hahahaha...Paige is a crazy-head, I love it. This was fun. I've just been inspired to not write in my blog for an additional year.

Allison said...

My eyes are welling with laughing tears. This was TOO hilarious. Thanks, Joseph.

Malo said...

Wow, too funny... That post was super cute. You two are interesting but in a good way. LOL!




Kami said...

Hahaha! Man, you guys are some of my favs. Definitely. My favorite is number 7. And who did you guys go shooting with?? You guys should come with us sometime! Adam has been itching to go for a while. He's been collecting objects to shoot. We don't have that many guns though..

janae said...

How can the end of the world begin?? Does no one else see the irony in that statement?

ps. Sam talks in his sleep, but never actually does anything cool. I'm so jealous of you.