Sunday, September 11, 2011


Oh hi there. Remember how we took that anniversary trip to Havasupai in May? Here's a recap:

It took about 6 hours for the hike down. Put that new backpacking equipment to work.
We went with a couple (the Harrises) and our bishop's family (the Gabbitases) from our ward. Lots o' fun.
Our bishop's kids... not too happy about the lonnnng 10 mile hike down. But on the way out... he said he would give $1 to whoever got out first and the 2 brothers did it in like 3.5 hours.
Getting ready to go play in that waterfall. Super-awesome.
There's Joseph. Mid-flight off that waterfall. Trying to make me a widow.
My little buddy Rebecca.
Joseph's little buddy Jacob.
On our hike out.
Back where we started from!
Happy to be home and showered and sleeping where it is soft and bug-less.

After we got home we carried out the tradition of eating a piece of your wedding cake on your anniversary.

We froze our cake toppers (they're made of white chocolate).
Unfortunately, the freezer burn got to 'em. Oh well :)


janae said...

Chess pieces! Haha!

That trip looks amazing, what a beautiful waterfall. But, man, I don't think our Ricks boys were endowed with a healthy fear of heights like most normal people. :)

Laurel!!! said...

You guys are awesome!!